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Each photo is like a million secrets from across time.

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I’ve been doing some genealogical research and found these two photos of my grandmother, her parents and her sister.  I’ve seen both before, framed on shelves or collected in boxes, but finding them online through my own work somehow felt more special.

In the first, my grandmother holds one of her nephews and poses next to her parents.  Her long coat and short heels are indicative of her class and style, and she still pays attention to these types of details today.  My family loves a story from when I was a young girl at my grandparents’ house.  One of my friends was with me, and we went into my grandparents’ room, where I opened the closet.  ”These are my fancy grandma’s clothes and shoes,” I told my friend.

I would have loved to know my great-grandparents, but they unfortunately died long before I was born.  To know them would have been a portal to travel across time and space.  Instead, I try to hold on to whatever has been passed down over time - anecdotes, artifacts, recipes.

In the second photo, my great-aunt Marian poses for her wedding photo with her husband Joe and her wedding party.  Her beautiful, dramatic dress is so indicative of how she was in life.  As a child, I loved her because she was family.  As an adult, after she was gone, I realized I also loved her for how exuberant, bold and fearless she always was.  Uncle Joe is 93, his hair is still black, and I’m sure he misses her every single day.

For our generation, or at least for most people I know, photos like this are treasured relics of the family tree.  Photographs were still special in the 50s and 60s, the time period when the grandparents of the present were growing up.  I wonder how future generations will feel when learning about their predecessors will be as simple as opening a Facebook profile.  I feel sad in a way that they won’t get a quest to discover the past.  They’ll have no adventure and no treasure chest.

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Patti & Robert.  Credit unknown.  For the Kids.  

Patti & Robert.  Credit unknown.  For the Kids.  

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101 days.

101 days.

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Opened portfolio.  

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Patti Smith.  Year/credit unknown.

Patti Smith.  Year/credit unknown.

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26 Incredibly Powerful Images Of Eid Al-Fitr 2013, And What They Say About The World Today ›

#6 stirred me.  As documentary, it’s a wonderful photo.  As subject matter, it’s terribly sad.  #9 is beautiful.

Despite the violence and grief displayed in this list, looking through the photos brought back fond memories of celebrating the bayram in Istanbul in 2011.  

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Françoise Hardy.  Credit unknown.

pourtant, cette plage est la mêmeje ne suis plus la mêmequ’y a-t-il de changé?

Françoise Hardy.  Credit unknown.

pourtant, cette plage est la même
je ne suis plus la même
qu’y a-t-il de changé?

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